Hats in Summer

With the major risk of getting face slapped over here, I will say, that when it comes to hats, although I adore SOME of the looks I’m not totally hooked on this trend. For example I’ve never worn a hat in town, the only public place I’ve donned one was on holiday in Greece I think. Then there was this one weekend at a barbecue party with friends (don’t count as public place though), and a photo session. On all these 3 occasions I’ve worn a panama hat, a fedora, and a cowboy style.

And it just so happens that it’s only these 3 specific styles I find great. No. I actually find fucking amazing, if done properly. If not just lose the fucking hat altogether. 

So then, you’re entitled to ask and remain in shock upon finding out the answer to this: ‘Do you not fancy floppy hats?’ GOD, NO. I like their 70s diva vibe, how they look on the runway, but that’s it. And don’t even get me started on those royal hats, which, with no offence to the Royal fashion (which in itself sucks as well) are utterly ridiculous. And so is the concept of what they stand for, superior social stats and class division, ultimate elegance and refinement. Okay we get it, you’re rich, but style my friends… you ain’t got. The whole world begs to differ with me, or so I presume, but… that’s just what I think.

And it probably is this very idea of what hats once stood for that make me dislike them. The pretentiousness of it all, the image of preposterous dames all bundled and buttoned up at boiling degrees cause you know… they have to flaunt their properness. Ugh.


But… as my silly unstable mind usually goes… on the other hand a woman who knows how to wear a hat is fucking amazing. Given that the hat is a fedora, panama or cowboy. I’m still sticking by my 3 styles, sorry about that. 

What makes me totally love these 3 hats, as opposed to all the other styles, is what they ooze when rocked with cool outfits and great attitude. Having said that I love a cowboy and panama hat for the beach. They both look great with casual, effortless outfits like: jeans, cutoffs, tank tops, tees, jackets, all-denim styles, leather, boho-chic dresses… you get the idea.